Become a monthly investor and magnify your impact

Joining the Giving Circle is the easiest way to amplify the mission of You Grow Girl!

Your monthly gift makes you an active part of our community because YOU choose how you want your gift to be used:


  • Do you want to ensure girls have transportation to mentoring sessions?—Your gift can be used for bus passes!
  • Would you like to sponsor a summer camp?—Just say so!
  • Do you want to create access to mental health counseling?—Your gift can cover 2 hours of counseling each month!
  • Or perhaps you want to see our staff and volunteers equipped with the tools and resources they need to support girls— your gift can provide professional development.

How do YOU want to make an impact? Join the Giving Circle TODAY.

In addition to directly empowering young women year round, members enjoy the following benefits:

Apprentice: You Grow Girl! T-Shirt and bracelet.

Advocate: All Apprentice benefits plus a Swag Bag filled with goodies.

Partner: All Advocate benefits plus a members-only Brunch with the Youth Advisory Board and Founder/Executive Director, Lynn Coleman.

Visionary: All Partner benefits plus a free ticket to the annual Summer Sip.

Ambassador: All Visionary benefits plus two free tickets to the Her Story event.


Invest in Her Pathway towards sustainable success 

Become a Member Today!




It’s your choice! Once you join the Giving Circle you’ll be asked what you’d like to support. You can also just specify which program should benefit from your monthly gift. Need some help deciding? Here are some ideas:


$15/month ($180/yr) is a full year of metro transportation support for a Mentoring program participant.

$25/month ($300/yr) provides 2 hours of one-on-one mentoring for a participant each month.

$40/month ($480/yr) offers 2 hours of mental health counseling for a participant each month.

$65/month ($780/yr) create job skills training opportunities, like CPR training, for 5-7 girls!

$80/month ($960/yr) sponsors a full day youth development summer camp for 6 girls!


Need a few more ideas?

Take a look at our AmazonSmile WISH LIST or contact us to learn more about our general operating needs.